Merely points for Accossato Racing teams in Assen

Aegerter Assen 2016 sponsor Accossato
Aegerter Assen 2016 sponsor Accossato

It could be a wonderful weekend for the teams supported by Accossato Racing, thanks to a great start in 1st row for Tom Luthi and Dominique Aegerter. Unfortunately, bad luck and negative weather conditions influenced the whole race.

Tom and Dominique led the race during the first two laps, as they both started quite fast. Anyway, the Swiss show didn’t last very long, because of motorbikes getting more and more difficult to ride. Luthi was pushed out of the track by Lowes, while Aegerter did a very brave race, considering his personal situation. He managed to reach the finish line in 9th position, obtaining 7 points for the World Championship rank. Tom Luthi can still fight for the top of the Moto 2 World Championship, as he’s 33 points away from Zarco.

See you all in Germany!

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